Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wanna Make Some Lindens??

I'm looking for some staff to help with an event on Thursday (3/6/08) from 10 AM SLT - 3 PM SLT. The first two hours are for training, the following three are for the actual event.

It's the opening of a multi-sim build for real world map collector and philanthropist David Rumsey. He's renowned for the best map collection in the world. The actual job will basically just be providing information to people who are walking through the exhibit. It will be interesting, I promise! $500L/hour - $2500L for the whole thing.

For more information on the build, please see:
Not Possible in Real Life

The guest list includes artist, press and more from Second Life and "real life" venues.

I only need a few more volunteers, so if you're interested - IM me in world - kristianne matfield - or email me - kristianne@depthmag.com

Please note that you will be provided with a uniform - a cute polo and pants that you can dress up, but you must be in "human" form and skin for this event per the client's request.

I gotta get these positions filled so let me know if you're interested or know someone who might be!



photo credit: Not Possible in Real Life

Friday, February 8, 2008

Where's Depth?!

I love that you’re all beatin’ down our doors for the next issue and I promise you it’s coming!

There's some changes happening in the real lives of the Depth staff that we'll fill you in on when everything is done. So, to compensate we’re making a double issue packed with all sorts of extra content to keep you all sorts of entertained until we can come back at you full force for the April issue.

There’s still ad space, so contact Ben or me or our esteemed sales man Bongo Oldbull for price sheets and information and we’ll get you included!

And of course, we’re still accepting those applications for bloggers, writers, columnists and models!

We’ll see you soon!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pay it Forward

Hi, everyone - a dear SL friend has an infant baby who is struggling with a medical crisis. We are collecting donations to help her with medical bills, food, or anything else she may need for herself, her baby or her other two children in what is sure to be a very, very difficult several weeks. He's a sweet, sweet child who is the victim of a terrible circumstance and his mom's going to need all the time she can have with him in his limited days.

If you would like to contribute, please send your donation to me or to Babyhoney Bailey and we'll add it to the total. Both Babyhoney and I will be posting our transaction histories as well as some proof of payment for verification.

We've already collected over $100,000L in the last 30 minutes, which will cover her for nearly two weeks - please help us help them!



Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Year Fashion Revolution

This Saturday, Brightfield Virtual Salon and Spa will hold a New Year Fashion Revolution event to kick of the new year for the Salon and introduce SL to a revolutionary new structure for fashion shows in Second Life.

Please join us for pre-event entertainment by internationally renowned musician Ridha Cooljoke from 1 - 2:30 at The Carolina Club (Brightfield Park 39,90,43) before being teleported in for the fashion event. Seating at the fashion show is limited to VIP rsvp and first come, first served general admission. To reserve your seat, please check in with the Brightfield representative at the pre-event!

Don't miss new designs from:

Casa del Shai
Smooth Designs
Body by Pook
Doll City Jewelry
Analog Dog
Zhao Shoes

Please IM me, Kristianne Matfield, for any additional information!

See you there!


Monday, January 7, 2008

Wanna Work for Depth?

Have you had a chance to read Depth and found yourself wondering what it would take to get your own name in its pages?

Not much, really! We're looking for writers, photographers, graphic designers, models - pretty much anyone that can contribute in some way! Yes, Ben and I did the first issue all on our own - but the coma I fell in to when we finished was enough to get even me to loosen the controlling reins!

If you want to write for Depth, send a 300 word sample of your work as well as a brief statement of what you think you would bring to the Depth team to Kristianne Matfield or "Employment@depthmag.com" We are especially looking for a recurrent contributor for the "Seen on Scene" feature!

If you want to photograph or design for Depth, send 3 samples of your favorite work as well as a brief statement of what you would bring to the Depth team to Kristianne Matfield or "Employment@depthmag.com"

If you would like to model for Depth, please forward a portfolio that contains - 1 head shot; 1 full body shot and 1 shot of your choice as well as a brief statement about what distinguishes you from other SL models to Kristianne Matfield or "Employment@depthmag.com"

If you would like to be considered for contributions in the February issue, we need your portfolios as soon as possible as we've already started deciding assignments!

the fine print -- Depth is not a modeling agency and will not be providing model representation. We will hire models on a shoot-by-shoot basis and compensate them for that time. Most photographers and writers will not be salaried but instead paid per submission. When submitting your portfolios, please be sure to label your folder with your name and the position for which you are applying!


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Depth Online

Depth Online is up and running with the current issue! Each month, the magazine will be published both in world and online so that you're free to peruse the magazine when you're not in Second Life! Use the interactive Table of Contents in the left sidebar to go directly to a page or read it cover to cover!

If you'd like to place a kiosk in your in world location, join the group "::depth::" and search the notice history or IM me or Benderoverand Hammerer and we'll send you one.

Be sure to check the "Listings" page for a detailed breakdown of every store and business that was used or mentioned in the magazine (over NINETY in ONE issue!!) and a page listing cross reference for each one!

And be sure to check the blog for ongoing content each month.

Also, we've received a few questions about our policy for review items - so we've made it official and added it to the blog and the "About Us" page!

I hope you enjoy and we welcome feedback!


Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Announcing the launch of Depth Magazine We debuted at midnight SLT - 1/1/08 - Visit the website at www.depthmag.com or pick up your free copy in world by joining the group "::depth::"

in every look (unless otherwise indicated)

  • Shape - Self-Designed
  • Eyes - Custom from Zada Zenovka - Shapes by Zada
  • Eyelashes - Bedroom Lashes - Cake
  • Ring - Asscher (sic) Bridal Set - CC Enterprises

all photographs by: